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To enjoy every day playing the game of life, with dogged determination to constantly do better, serve more and improve the lives of all that we touch.



Through constant attention to clients unmet needs and anticipation of their desires we create the ultimate mortgage experience. We grow our business through exceeding expectations, building relationships beyond business and constantly striving to improve the lives and add value to our clients and partners.



  • Treat others as we would want to be treated.
  • Ravenous hunger for improvement.
  • Humility when we succeed and honesty when we fail.
  • Do more to add value than anyone else is willing or able to do.
  • “Say what you do. Do what you say. No surprises!”

Josh Mettle knows physician loans!

Josh Mettle Senior Loan Officer - NMLS #219996 - CA-DOC #219996

Get to Know Josh

Josh got burned by a loan officer and decided to become a mortgage professional and to care for his clients the way he wished he’d been treated. That’s why our team promise is “Say What You Do, Do What You Say, No Surprises!” As one of the top 1% lending teams in the country, our absolute knowledge of the industry and professionalism will be hard at work for you and your family.

Bloebaum D

Drake Bloebaum Loan Officer - NMLS #225567 - CA-DOC #225567

Get to Know Drake

Drake Bloebaum has been advising clients on their home financing strategies for over eight years. He takes great pride in listening to and understanding his client’s goals in order to craft the best loan for each individual’s needs. Drake’s favorite thing about his job is helping happy clients get into the home of their dreams.

David Nelson

David Nelson Loan Officer - NMLS #223291 - CA-DOC #223291

Get to Know David

In 2007 David became Josh Mettle’s assistant and helped him achieve record breaking production numbers. In 2012 he became a loan officer and has had amazing results helping clients achieve their financial goals through home refinancing and purchasing. David is only one of four professionals in Utah with a FICO Pro certification.

Matt knows physician home loans!

Matt Smith Loan Officer - NMLS #941210 - CA-DOC #941210

Get to Know Matt

Matt has a decade of real estate industry experience and uses it to help his clients achieve their goals. A coach by nature, he sees you as a part of our team and is here to make your Mettle Group experience a success!

Jordan Campagna

Jordan Campagna Loan Officer - NMLS #1178630 - CA-DOC #1178630

Get to Know Jordan

Jordan started work in the mortgage industry as a Loan Officer Assistant, Processor, the Mettle Group’s Team Lead and now is a Loan Officer. He stresses the importance of integrity, a positive attitude, patience, respect, communication, and team work to achieve successful client’s closings every day.

Matt knows physician home loans!

Scott Breen Loan Officer - NMLS #290475 - CA-DOC #290475

Get to Know Scott

Scott Breen tailors financing to each client’s unique lifestyle and goals and he cares about the long term financial security and wealth accrual of each of his clients. Scott is an award winning photographer whose images have been displayed in galleries, public venues and government buildings across the state. He loves living in Utah and can be found riding his bike, skiing, hiking or playing with his children and grandchildren.

Ross knows physician home loans!

Ross Zimmerman Loan Officer - NMLS #532177

Get to Know Ross

Ross has worked in the finance industry for over 10 years. His back ground is in banking, helping clients manage their personal finances, which included home purchases and refinances. Ross is passionate about providing exceptional service and making a memorable experience when it comes to working with his clients. When he is not helping other families with their home financing, he enjoys spending his time with his family, his beautiful wife and 3 little girls.

Mike Jones knows physician home loans!

Mike Jones Senior Loan Officer NMLS #33323 - CA-DOC #33323

Get to Know Mike

Mike Jones has over 12 years in the residential mortgage lending industry and an extensive background in the financial industry with over 8 years of experience in that field. His knowledge along with his desire to help every client the way he would like to be treated has helped him achieve great success. Mike has been a top producer as a Loan Office and a Branch Manager. He speaks both English and Spanish and has an extensive background in both VA and FHA financing. He will always look for multiple options and help you make the decision that is right for you.

Ryan Davis

Ryan Davis Loan Officer - NMLS #240625

Get to Know Ryan

Ryan has been in the mortgage industry for more than 13 years. He was a processor for 3 years on the Mettle Group team before becoming a Loan Officer. He has been involved in every aspect of originating a loan, from origination, processing, closing, funding to shipping the loans. He is dedicated to making the loan process personal, simplified and even a little fun.

Shane Barker knows physician home loans!

Shane Barker Loan Officer NMLS #142013- CA-DOC #142013

Get to Know Shane

Shane’s philosophy is to put himself in your shoes, do a quality job as if it were for his own mother, and treat everyone as a friend. Buying a home should be fun! That’s one of Shane’s focuses when working with him. He’s found that honesty, respect, communication, clear expectations, and listening to clients make for a fantastic loan experience that everyone can enjoy. One of the best parts of the job is seeing happy clients getting into the home of their dreams! When not helping folks into a home, Shane loves going on adventures with his fearless wife and kids, playing sports, and real estate investing.

Katrinka Condie

Katrinka Condie Loan Officer NMLS #1542179

Get to Know Katrinka

Katrinka partnered with mortgage and real estate professionals for 7 years focusing on credit challenged borrowers. This service helped over 2,000 families realize their dream of home ownership. Her experience in credit consulting services and client coaching drove her to become a licensed loan officer. Katrinka is dedicated to providing exceptional service and making the loan process educational and effortless. In her spare time, she loves exploring the great outdoors with her husband and four beautiful girls.

Bob Welsh

Bob Welsh Loan Officer NMLS #1470028

Get to Know Bob

Bob has spent the last 23 years working in the Salt Lake metro real estate market, primarily building and developing residential real estate sales offices. He has been involved with local Realtor organizations, serving on the board of directors of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors for 10 years. He served on the Utah Association of Realtors forms committee for 5 years, 1 year as its chair, as well as numerous other business and charitable committees in and outside of the real estate industry. After running successful offices for several different companies, he is now a Mortgage Professional with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.

Jeana Lanktree

Jeana Lanktree Team Operations Manager

Get to Know Jeana

Jeana started in the Mortgage business in 2005 as a Jr. Processor. After getting her Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Consumer and Community Studies with an emphasis in Financial Advising at the University of Utah, she returned to the mortgage industry in 2013 as a Senior Processor.She joined the team as a Personal Mortgage Coordinator in 2014 and is now a Team Operations Manager.

Kim Cowdell

Kim Cowdell Office Manager

Get to Know Kim

Kim started working in the mortgage industry in 2008 as a corporate office Receptionist. She was promoted to Reception Supervisor, overseeing all the reception staff in all branch offices. In 2012 she was offered the opportunity to work with Physician Home Loans and is excited to be a part of this awesome team.

Ashley Garcia

Ashley Garcia Loan Processor

Get to Know Ashley

Ashley began her mortgage career in 2002 as a Data Entry file clerk, and then quickly moved up from there to many roles, including Loan Closer, Broker Coordinator, Closing Coordinator, Lead Broker Service Representative, Account Executive, Account Manager, Operations Coordinator, Lock Desk Supervisor and Personal Mortgage Coordinator. She is now enjoying a new position as a Loan Processor for the Mettle Group.


Cathy Richardson Personal Mortgage Coordinator

Get to Know Cathy

Cathy has been working in the real estate industry for the past 16 years in real estate tax processing, mortgage closer/funder and reselling foreclosed properties on behalf of sellers. She joined the Mettle Group in 2015 as a Personal Mortgage Coordinator and enjoys helping others achieve their dream of becoming homeowners.


Sam Robinson Loan Officer NMLS #1680103

Get to Know Sam

Sam took his first position in the mortgage industry in June 2015 and has craved the fast paced atmosphere ever since. He was offered the opportunity to work with Physician Home Loans in February of 2016 and accepted with excitement. Sam enjoys learning new skills to further extend his knowledge of the industry.

Moniquea Ryan

Moniquea Ryan Setup Processor

Get to Know Moniquea

In 2009, Moniquea was inspired to be part of the mortgage industry due to her Uncle and Aunt. Since starting she has held positions in cancellations, data entry, RESPA and now Setup. She looks forward to learning more and helping families into their dream home. Moniquea enjoys spending time with her husband and dogs. She plans on seeing the world in person not through the TV.

Brandi Romero

Brandi Romero Closer

Get to Know Brandi

Brandi began her career as a loan processor in 2009. She has held positions in processing, as a personal mortgage coordinator and is once again a Closer. She thrives by learning all aspects of the mortgage industry and is driven by customer satisfaction through authentic connection. Brandi loves traveling with her husband and spending time with family.

Wendy Spaeth

Wendy Spaeth Closer

Get to Know Wendy

Wendy has been in the mortgage industry for over 18 years. She has held several different positions including Receptionist, Shipping, Closer, Closing Team Lead, Funder and Funding Team Lead. But her love and passion is Closing. She loves to spend time with her family at their family cabin outside of Kamas and just being outdoors, hiking or playing with her grandson.

Shane Jenson

Shane Jenson Underwriter

Get to Know Shane

Shane has worked in the mortgage industry for about sixteen years in multiple capacities, both in Wholesale and Retail residential mortgage lending as an Operations Manager, Account Executive and Underwriter. He loves the great interdependent relationships fostered by our fast paced business and team oriented environments and has always thoroughly enjoyed being a part of those teams to play a part in providing homeowners the best possible experience.

Holly Robertson Loan Processor

Get to Know Holly

Holly has been in the mortgage industry for more than 20 years. After receiving her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Finance from Jacksonville State University, she embarked on a career in the mortgage industry. With her vast experience ranging from origination to servicing, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her team. She is passionate about educating clients and keeping them informed throughout the loan process. In her spare time Holly enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She loves running, skiing and appreciates the active lifestyle that Utah has to offer.

Brittany Strasters

Brittany Strasters Intake Processor

Get to Know Brittany

Brittany first began her career in the mortgage industry in 2005. After several years of being away from the industry, she decided to go back into the mortgage world, and is finding this is where she was meant to be. She is excited to be working with this team and is eager to learn and grow.

Michael Hunter Intake Processor

Get to Know Michael

Michael worked in the mortgage industry for approximately 1 year, and then he ventured out to try a couple other avenues, before joining the team at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. Michael is young, hungry, and smart, he strives for excellence in everything he does. Client satisfaction and doing a thorough job are two things he prides himself in and takes very seriously.

Colby Jenson Licensed Loan Officer Assistant-NMLS# 1574919

Get to know Colby

Colby began his career as a medical assistant and then voraciously pursued medicine. After finding he was proficient in communicating with physicians and tending to their needs, he enjoyed a career in healthcare executive leadership. After 10 years of working with physicians, managing physician groups, and pursuing medical/psychological studies, he found that his passion was working with people and creating processes that make life easier. When given the opportunity to join one of the premier physician loan teams in America, he opted to join the mortgage industry to help physicians on a different level. He is now a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator in the state of Utah and believes in providing excellent service through commitment to character, consistency, speed to respond, and efficiency. He is proud to be a part of the Mettle Group.

Taylor Cowan Loan Officer-NMLS# 140595

Get to know Taylor

Born and raised in Salt Lake City. You can typically find Taylor at a University of Utah sporting event, hunting, working out, or eating sushi with friends and family. Taylor is a people person who loves to help others realize the American dream of home ownership. He has 10 years experience in the mortgage industry and takes pride in creating an amazing experience for everyone he works with.

Colin Jenson Marketing Manager

Get to know Colin

Colin began his career in broadcasting and was a video editor for the local television station here in Utah for three years. He decided to join the Fairway Utah family as the Marketing Manager in November 2017. He loves creating media content and finding new ways to share with the world.

Kylie Lanktree Perfect Loan Process Manager

Get to know Kylie

Before joining the Fairway family, Kylie spent three years working as a caretaker and Behavioral Assistant for adults with special needs and disabilities. Taking care of others and creating exceptional experiences for all individuals has always been her calling. After joining Fairway in the summer of 2017 she fit perfectly into her role as Perfect Loan Process Manager sending gifts of appreciation to create a joyous experience out of the stressful process of buying a new home. Kylie enjoys candy, photography, reading and powerlifting.

Jenilyn Drummond Processing

Get to know Jenilyn

I started in the mortgage industry in 2010, I started in the funding department, became a team leader and trainer but found my passion in Processing. I love being able to take a file and make it work for our borrowers. My favorite part is when we get the photos of our borrowers outside their new home with smiles from ear to ear. That is why I come to work everyday is to help make the dream of a home a reality. In my free time, I spend it with my two amazing kids..

Austin Treadway Loan Processor

Get to know Austin

Austin has worked in the mortgage industry ever since he graduated high school in 2012. He started as a loan officer assistant and moved into processing in 2014. Austin loves building relations and providing clients with 5 star customer service and cannot wait to help you get into your new home!

Jordan Asmus Loan Processor

Get to know Jordan

Jordan took his first position in the mortgage industry back in 2014 as a shipper. He then began to work his way up from the back end of the loan process all the way to the front and became a loan processor back in September of 2016. Jordan joined Fairway and has never been more excited to be working with such an amazing team and helping clients achieve their goal of homeownership. In is spare time Jordan currently goes to Salt Lake Community College and is studying to get his associates and will transfer to the University of Utah to complete his bachelors in Philosophy.

Conner Jenson Loan Officer Assistant

Get to know Conner

Before joining the Fairway family, Conner was a sales expert and trainer as the assistant store manager at Office Depot. His sales experience will help him further his new career as a loan officer assistant. He enjoys spending time with his family and is a hard core gamer.

Brock Harvey Setup Processor

Get to know Brock

Brock is a Setup Processor, who began his mortgage career in Feb. 2015. From the very first day, he knew this was the industry for him. Brock is proud to be part of Fairway, and is excited to expand on his career in this field.

Meet Jason

Jason Drobeck Loan Officer

Get to know Jason

A 7-year veteran of the mortgage business, Jason Drobeck began his career in Denver, CO and recently moved to Park City, UT. Jason spent the first 10 years of his life growing up in Mexico and Chile, therefore he is fluent in Spanish and passionate about helping the Latino community. During his career Jason has been in the top 10% of production for the companies he’s worked for as well as leading a team of originators.

In his spare time Jason likes to spend time with Caitlin and their two dogs, Cooper and Rango. They enjoy hitting the slopes with their snowboards, taking their mountain bikes for a cruise or just enjoying the outdoors in the beautiful landscape that is Park City.

Meet Ben

Ben Kyle Loan Officer NLMS #180036

Get to know Ben

Ben has been a mortgage loan originator for almost a decade, with a prior 15 years of person to person sales experience. He has been a top producer throughout his career. His passion is creating the most informed and stress free home buying experience for his clients. Knowledge is power and he strives to give his buyers the knowledge they need to navigate the process. He is also a VA home loan specialist having closed nearly 1000 VA loans in his career.

Meet Rail

Rail Cressall Setup Processor

Get to know Rail

I have been in the mortgage industry for 2 years. Before that I was a banker. In my free time I enjoy walking up mountains and riding my motorcycle. I am also an avid skier and am always waiting for that first snowfall.

Meet Bill

Bill Jackman Licensed Loan Officer Assistant NMLS #113839

Get to know Bill

Bill has worked in the mortgage and real estate industry for 24 years. In addition to his years as a Loan Officer he has spent time managing underwriting and credit policy teams for Top 10 ranked national mortgage companies. He loves helping clients achieve their dream of home ownership, whether first time home buyers or experienced homeowners. He has seen how homeownership changes lives gets to wake up every morning knowing that is what he gets to help people accomplish, bringing his wealth of knowledge to solve even the most complicated financial puzzle. Bill loves spending time with his wife and three daughters, mountain biking, hiking, road trips and all that living in Utah has to offer.

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